Loader Model LT250

*See your dealer for more details.

Tractor Model T293
Tractor Out Put (HP) 29
A. Maximum Lift Height 87.2"
B. Clearance with Attachment Level 80.5
C. Clearance with Attachment Dumped 65.9"
D. Reach at Maximum Height (45°) 22.2"
E. Maximum Dump Angle 50°
F. Reach with Attachment on Ground 56.4"
G. Attachment Rollback Angle 30°
H. Digging Depth Below Grade 4"
J. Overall Height Below Grade 46.4"
L. Depth of Attachment (to back of inner shell) 16.8"
M. Height of Attachment 18.5"
N. Depth of Attachment (to pivot pin) 23.4"
Lift Capacity to Full Height at Pivot Pins 1,108lbs
Breakout Force at Ground level, Pivot Pins 1,416lbs
Relief Valve Setting (Loader Control Vavle) 1,991 psi
Rated Flow (Tractor System) 5 gpm
Lift Cylinder 1.77"
Bucket Cylinder 1.77"
Attachment used for specification 50"