23-29 Horsepower  

TYM's T233 and 273 are our newest offering to the hobby farmer. 23-29 horsepower range provides plenty of power to operate the optional backhoe and QuickDetach front loader. The mid-PTO unit makes it easy to power additional implements like the mid-mount mower!

T233 HST

T273 HST

30-40 Horsepower

TYM's T353/HST model is the ideal choice for equestrian/stable or estate maintenance where multi-tasking by various operators is often a requirement. With easy to use controls these tractors make switching from one task to another straightforward for any operator.


41-50 Horsepower

TYM's T433 and T503 models are physically large open station (Optional cabs) tractors that provide the additional power and weight required for bigger jobs such as pulling implements required to maintain more expansive facilities such as golf courses.



51-60 Horsepower

TYM's T603 Model stands alone and provides all the heavy-duty size, power, and features you need. With added comforts such as heated/air condition cabs and audio system, any TYM Owner can work stress free without dealing with the scorching sun, biting bugs, and drenching rain.



61-100 Horsepower

T900 and T1003 are currently TYM's largest models. Engineered to meet the needs of users whose applications require the ability to handle larger implements and larger jobs.